About the EKU

The mission of the East Kingdom University is to promote scholarship and learning throughout the East Kingdom by supporting educational events held by local groups & by providing opportunities for the populace of the kingdom to teach and learn from each other.

Contact the EKU:
University Chancellor: Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer 
Deputy EKU Chancellor: Lady Elysabeth Underhill 
Deputy of University Affairs: Lord Neville Sudlow
Webminister/Deputy of Online Learning:
-Arnora Ketilsdottir web_university@eastkingdom.org

Regional Deputies:
Northern Region: Lady Muirgheall O’Riein 
Central Region: Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer university.central@eastkingdom.org

Southern Region: Magister Galefridus Peregrinus 
Tirmara: Lady Zelina Silverfox 

Past Chancellors: 
Alys Gardyner – August 1987
Sirillian Amber Tallin – October 1988
Camilla Ginevra di Capri – August 1989
vacant – September 1990
Aidan ni Leir – October 1990
Thorkatla Herjolfsdottir – August 1993
Anton of Winteroak – July 1997
William the Alchymist – December 1998
Andrea Caitlin MacIntyre – May 2002
Erlandr Nordenskald – June 2006
Lady Elysabeth Underhill – June 2011-2013