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Artisans’ Village

SUBJECT: Artisans’ Village A&S Event — seeking Demonstrators, Teachers, & Challengers

Artisans’ Village II will take place on June 3-5th in the shire of Hartshorn-dale.

The goal of Artisans’ Village is to create a friendly and supportive environment for artisans to gather together to demonstrate and practice their crafts, and for people to learn or try something new. To that end, we are looking for volunteers!

**The Villages**
The event will feature many small villages that will house one category of artisan. Each area will be organized by a village coordinator. We have several villages & coordinators lined up already and a list is available to view on our website. However,  we are always looking for more villages! If you are interested in being a village coordinator for an art or science not already on our list, e-mail Lady Elysabeth Underhill ( with your idea. If you are interested in participating in an established village, please e-mail the coordinator of that village area as listed on the website

Current list of villages & coordinators:

**The Challenges**
Artisans’ Village will also feature a different type of A&S competition. Instead of a general competition or display, we are asking for people to submit A&S challenges that others can take up and complete by the date of the event. Members of the populace have until March 1st to issue a challenge related to an SCA-period art or science. Anyone is welcome to submit a challenge, and all are encouraged to take up challenges. The work of those who have taken up a challenge will be displayed at the event, and time will be set aside to let Challengers and those taking up a challenge talk about the projects that have been created.

For more information about the Artisan’s Challenge and to see a list of past challenges visit:
Please submit challenges or questions about the challenge to Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer (

In addition to the villages and challenges, the event will also feature a track of classes. If you are interested in teaching a class, please e-mail Lady Elysabeth Underhill (

Thanks to the East Kingdom University for their help with and sponsorship of this event.